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Start your own Cigar line with RichKat Cigars!

Whether you are an aspiring cigar retailer, a special event planner, or a business owner looking to expand your product line, our private label cigars are the perfect solution. 

If you have ever dreamt of entering the cigar business, we are here to make that dream a reality.

With our extensive experience and wide selection of premium hand rolled cigars, we can help you establish your own brand and make a mark in the industry. Our cigars are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, using the finest tobacco leaves sourced from top tobacco-growing regions across the world. Every step of the production process, from the cultivation of the tobacco plants to the packaging of the final product, is closely monitored to ensure superior quality and consistency. One of the key advantages of partnering with us for your private label cigars is the customization options we offer. We have over 20 different cigar blends to choose from, each with its own unique aroma, flavor profile, and strength. Whether you prefer a mild and smooth smoke or a rich and bold experience, we have a cigar that will suit your preferences. You can select the blend that best represents your brand and vision.

We also offer customization options for the cigar bands and boxes.

  • Your brand logo, name, and any other artwork can be elegantly incorporated into the cigar bands, creating a visually appealing and distinctive design.


  • The cigar boxes can also be customized with your brand information, giving your products a professional and polished look.


  • Our team of experts is available to guide you through the private labeling process, ensuring that your cigars meet your expectations. We can assist you in selecting the right blend, designing the perfect cigar bands and boxes, and establishing a pricing strategy that aligns with your goals.


By private labeling your brand with Richkat Cigars, you can save significant time and resources that would otherwise be spent on research, development, and production. Instead, you can focus on marketing and building your brand presence, knowing that you have a high-quality product that reflects your vision

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